The Art of Choosing an Engagement Ring

April 24, 2018 | David Anthony | Leave a comment

You have probably kissed many frogs to the point of reading this article. The fact that you are here demands a round of applause. You have set your heart on her. You are willing to invest in her with everything that you are and with all that you have. Before you pop the big question, here is the best engagement ring buying guide to get an ecstatic ‘yes’ from her.

Carve a budget for the gems

It is the only way to approach this with soberness and a hope for financial sustainability in the future. The rings market has everything from classy, stylish, pricey and quality affordable. How deep is your pocket? Then again, she might not be into materialism. These are some of the factors to consider when setting the budget for your engagement ring. The best engagement rings buying guide will assist you in finding the best quality gemstone or a diamond ring for whatever budget you have set. On top of that, we have options like customized lab-created diamonds and budget-friendly paying options.

Choose a befitting style

Perhaps this is where the rubber hits the road for most men. You will have it easy if you have been caring to be observant of her fashion, style, and personality. By now you have probably gone shopping with her on several occasions. You have noticed the types of jewelry and accessories that get her blood rushing. Diamond brings is no different. There are many styles choose from including vintage, chic, and nature-inspired among others.

Trendy styles on the market today

• The Waverly diamond ring that features wavy curves with tiny diamonds encircling the major one in the center and the band. The halo effect is impressively spectacular.

• The twisted vine diamond ring that is nature inspired. The curvy band is alluring, forking into two twisted ribbons towards the center. Tiny sparkling stones are sprinkled on around the band and generously clustered on the center.

• The ballad classic diamond that is elegantly simple. Sparkling minuscule diamonds extend halfway around the band. The center gems sit so delicately and beautiful above the band. Better still, to make her fall in love with the erring, you can go the customization way. Add an emblem or engraving that is personal to her. It can be something as simple as her initials.

Sapphires might make her heart to skip a beat

‘A sapphire is a stone of love,’ and any best engagement ring buying guide should recognize that. The tradition of diamond engagements goes back way in time. However, with the passing of time, sapphires are growing popularity too. Indeed, it’s not easy to resist the sparkling blue of gemstones caged in lustrous and crystal bands. Sapphires are a symbol of royalty, wisdom and good fortune. It is also a symbol of commitment. Apart from blue, there many colors to choose from including yellow, pink and purple. Gemstones are slightly cheaper than diamonds, and the best option for those proposing on a budget.

Master the 4Cs

You cannot splash your cash on diamonds without first learning how they are classified. Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut are the four properties used in grading diamonds.

• Cut- this is the shape of the diamond and needless to say its general beauty. A nicely cut diamond will have an enhanced reflection. Crafty diamond cutters today understand how to arrange the crystals to harness and enhance the brilliance of the stones.

• Color & Clarity – the more crystal clear and reflective a diamond is the more highly it is valued. Coloration is usually natural when these stones are being formed in the earth’s crust. The natural formation process of diamonds may leave many stones with blemishes. This includes tinges and embedment of foreign materials in the precious stones.

• Carat: This refers to the weight of the diamond. To bag the best deal with an engagement ring, it is prudent to learn how carats are measured. One carat roughly weighs 0.2 grams. You better have some affordable payment plan if your fiancée is into more carats.

Vintage love

Antique gems are for those with a unique taste. If your fiancée is tickled by old jewelry, apparels, and decor, this should be a hint that she will be pleased with a vintage ring. Vintage diamond rings are a symbol of class today. They are rare and not easily replicable. As an icing on the cake, antique rings cost less than new rings of the same quality.

There you go! Now you should be ready to get down on one knee with thanks to the best engagement ring buying guide. Before you, part with your cash, however, make sure that you know her ring size.