All You Need To Know Before Shopping for the Best Jewelry

April 24, 2018 | David Anthony | Leave a comment

Buying jewelry does not have to be a hassle. As long as you know where to look, you are good to go. Before embarking on the specifics about jewelry, it is crucial to remember the quality, appearance, and style of the item. It does not matter whether you are buying the piece for yourself or another person. It should fit your personality or your loved ones and be within your price range.

Any best jewelry buying guide should touch on the following aspects.

A. Type of gemstone

There are three types of gemstones natural, lab and imitation.

Natural gemstones

Natural gemstones are obtained through mining. Some stones such as emeralds undergo heat treatment to boost clarity and color, thus achieving a higher quality. The treatment can be permanent or temporary.

Apart from treated gemstones, there are colored ones. The grading of colored diamonds depends on three factors sparkle, color, and clarity. However, GIA certified diamonds are much better. Their grading is about 4C’s (clarity, color, carat and cut).

If you are after natural gemstones, ensure you understand the quality you are looking for. It will be easier deciding what to buy. AAA, permanently treated and high-quality stones are always a good purchase.

Lab created gemstones

Natural gemstones are rare and have a higher value. Lab stones, on the other hand, have the same look as natural ones but their value is definitely lower. They are not rare, considering they are manufactured. Get the help of a gemologist to help you tell the difference.

Imitation gemstones

These are far away from the natural stones in terms of visual look. All they are is looking like the real stones but they are not. Manufacturers of such use materials such as zirconia or glass to make them.

B. Metals

Metals carry the gemstone jewelry. Gold and platinum are good examples. If gold is your favorite, choose 14kt or 18kt, as they are pure and durable. There are three gold types rose gold, yellow and rose. Platinum is heavy and durable as well. Platinum wedding bands and engagement rings are worthwhile purchases.

However, gold and platinum are not the only jewelry metals to consider. Ruby, emerald, and sapphire are great too. About metal prices, it all depends on how rare the metal is. Platinum is expensive unlike 14k gold, which is more affordable.

C. Variety and style of jewelry

The best jewelry buying guide should talk about styles and varieties. For instance, necklace variety ranges from simple to complex. Others lie in between the two extremes. A simple necklace entails a gemstone mount on a chain. Such can be worn every day. The design of a complex necklace involves more than one gemstone. It may even have diamond accents.

Earring styles are either simple or complex. Simple earrings attach to the ear. Bigger earrings with cushioning are complex. It is upon you to choose the earring shape you like. You can buy drop, hoop or dangle earrings.

D. Identify a look you like

As you choose jewelry, it is about the visual appeal. What do your eyes like most? If you love classic jewelry, it features diamonds and two or more gemstones. This is an expensive look you are going for. Make sure you can afford it.

E. Type of occasion

Different occasions require different pieces of jewelry. This is why you should buy your jewelry carefully. Since you are reading one of the best jewelry buying guide, here is how to adorn yourself or someone else for the occasion.

Birthday parties

Wear or buy someone a ring, earrings or a pendant. They are all amazing birthday gifts. Go for your favorite gemstone. If you are buying for someone else and have no idea what they like, you cannot go wrong with emerald, ruby, diamond or sapphire studs.

New mother gifting

Celebrating new life is amazing. As you plan to gift your friend or mum, think about pendants and earrings. Buy something a person will like. If you do not know a person’s style, ask around before your visit.

Valentine’s Day

This is the day when the red color rules the world. Look for jewelry with red accents for example ruby or garnet. Pendants and earrings are always good giftings. Diamond, ruby and sapphire earrings are spectacular.

Mother’s Day

Your mum is a treasure. She deserves a nice piece. Consider buying her jewelry close to her heart. Choose a color she likes when looking at gemstone colors. Green emerald or red ruby is a good choice.

Graduations and anniversaries are the other occasions when jewelry can be a good gift. To select appropriate jewelry, you should know someone’s style.


The above best jewelry buying guide will make your shopping easier. When you know what to buy, it takes minutes to shop.