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Buy quality wholesale diamonds at the absolute lowest prices. Quality diamonds are available directly from brokers in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Wholesale Diamonds at up to 40% Below Rapaport List ! ! !

Send us an email including the clarity, color, shape, weight / carat, and price range of the loose diamonds you are shopping for and we will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. It's that easy. And don't forget, Diamond Experts pledges VIP service, next-day shipping, and a solid money-back guarantee. We take great pride in our history, experience, and expertise in the diamond trade.

We are wholesalers with offices located in the Diamond Bourse of Tel - Aviv, Israel, and get our stones directly from the source. This also gives us the opportunity to view high quality gems such as pink diamonds as soon as they are polished. We select the brightest and most beautiful gems available and that's why the quality of our collection is number one.

Buying diamonds wholesale can save you up to 40% off the rapaport list. Our experienced broker will contact you with the same prices we offer our regular customers- many online jewelry sites you probably know of!

We are Diamond Wholesalers! ! !

Ask about our large selection of fancy colored diamonds. Whether it is a blue, yellow, or pink diamond you are searching for, we can locate the stone you want.

Looking for a diamond with a certificate?? We have both GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, and EGL, European Gemological Laboratory certified diamonds available in stock.

Since prices vary according to their grading, be sure to read our guide to the 4C's: clarity, color, cut, and carat.

As diamond wholesalers we will share our 30+ years of experience, spanning over 3 generations, with you. Count on us if you are looking to buy a quality diamond at a low wholesale price. Contact us today!

10 carat G vvs1 diamond
10 carat G vvs1 diamond, $12,000 per carat
fancy yellow cushion cut diamond
Beautiful fancy yellow cushion cut diamond 2 carats, $7,000 per carat
fancy yellow diamond
4 carat fancy yellow princess cut diamond, $20,000 per carat
For Sale !!!!!
Pink Panther Pink Diamond
22 carat flawless fancy purple PINK DIAMOND with GIA certificate available !!! $10,000,000 !!!
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamonds:
Contact us to buy this rare PINK DIAMOND !!!, weighing 1.4 carats, Under $1,5000 !!! Wont Last !!!!!
Orange Diamond
Wholesale Diamonds:
1.44 Natural Fancy Intense Orange Yellow Diamond !!!
GIA certificate !!! Low price !!!
Giant 6 Carat Diamond
Wholesale Diamonds:
Giant 5.80 carat Diamond !!! 35% Below List !!!
EGL certificate !!! H Color VS2 !!! 35% below list !!! Great Cut !!! Looks larger than a 6 carat diamond !!! Click here to see the Certificate
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